Local Organic Farm Visit

Local Organic Farm Visit

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Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of Nature and Fresh Produce

Are you ready for a unique and immersive experience at our local organic farm? Join us for a half day filled with farm tours, animal encounters, and hands-on food preparation. Discover the joy of harvesting your own vegetables and savor the taste of organic goodness.

What to Expect:

1. Farm Tours:
Explore our lush green fields and learn about organic farming practices. Our knowledgeable guide will walk you through the cultivation process, sharing insights into sustainable agriculture.

2. Animal Tours:
Get up close and personal with our farm animals! From playful goats to friendly chickens, you'll have the opportunity to connect with nature and learn about the importance of animal care on an organic farm.

3. Vegetable Harvesting:
Roll up your sleeves and harvest your own organic vegetables! Experience the satisfaction of picking fresh produce straight from the farm. Don't forget to bring a basket – you'll want to take home your harvest! Pay 10% discount on each kg of veggies you harvest.

4. Food Preparation:
After the farm activities, join us for a hands-on food preparation session. Our expert chefs will discuss creating delicious dishes using the freshly harvested vegetables. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and savor the flavors of local, organic cuisine.