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4 Weeks Organic Family LocoFood لوكوفود boxes Deal - 85AED per box

A mix of 7kg of our best organic vegetables, selected based on what is available and feeling the healthiest that week. Wholesome organic local vegetables at a great price!

Special offer: Are you too busy to decide every week? For monthly orders, pay for four weeks up front and receive automatic weekly delivery at a healthy discount.

This week's box includes:

LocoFood Family Veggie Box: (7kg):
Organic Arugula 300g (1bunch)
Organic Broccoli 500g (1pcs)
Organic Beetroot 800g (1pcs)
Organic Celery 1kg (1bunch)
Organic Carrot 500g (8/10piece)
Organic Cherry/Plum tomatoes 400g (20/25piece)
Organic Eggplant 500g (3/4piece)
Organic Fennel 500g (1piece)
Organic Hot Peppers 100g (10piece)
Organic Kale 100g (1bunch)
Organic Leek 500g (1bunch)
Organic Parsley 300g (1bunch)
Organic Radish 300g (4/5piece)
Organic Red/White Onion 1kg (3/4 piece)
Organic Red Tomatoes 1kg (5/6piece)
Organic Spring Onion 250g (1bunch)